stack of Belgian linen items on wooden stool made in France

Crop linen is essential luxury for the home.
Made entirely from 100% Belgian linen,
crop linen items are effortless, modern
and chic home textiles.

As humans, our partnership with flax has,
as best we know, been cultivated for 36,000 years.
An alliance embraced and nurtured year upon year
in order to produce and preserve the exquisite
properties inherent in this noble fibre.

It is in this spirit of nurture and endevour that
we dedicate ourselves to making items that reflect
the contemplation and mastery invested in the
entire process of growing the flax fibre
and producing the linen cloth.

Crop Linen is our hommage to this extraordinary history. flax field with flowers near La Tiremande

Our workshop is nestled in the centre of a
special region of Europe where the weather
conditions are perfect for growing
the best flax in the world.
Our village, in Northern France, is
surrounded by these flax fields in the summer
and it is from these fields that our linen is made.

Kathryn Sanderson sewing.

Crop Linen items are designed and
made by one maker.
One maker ensures that not a single
compromise is made during the
construction process, that continuity
is maintained and that the highest
level of quality is achieved. Belgian linen azuma bag with flax twine a spool of pink cotton ribbon and Tajika copper scissors

Kathryn Sanderson is the designer,
patternmaker, machinist and stylist.
Prior to establishing her own workshop,
Kathryn was a contract garment and surface
pattern designer. She has 11 years of experience
designing casual fashion, sportswear,
corporate wear, and team wear
across a range of sports.

Please take the time to watch the BE LINEN MOVIE made by Benoit MILLOT.
It is an exceptional look at the labour, love and expertise invested in the production of linen.

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